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About webagent99

Stephanie is pursuing her Master of Arts in Digital Media Studies and is currently working on her Capstone Project that focuses on Best Practices in Package Design. Stephanie served as the Graduate Representative on the University Life Council Shared Governance committee and continues to serve as the SGA Representative for the Communication and Digital Media Association. Along with her SGA involvement, Stephanie is a Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry volunteer, a 2014-2015 Who's Who Among Students recipient, and a National Engaged Leader Award recipient.

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  1. In my opinion Iphone is easy to use and more organised. I like android phones because of the large number of apps they have and the apps we can built for it…

  2. I think Apple runs better (less hiccups) than Android, but Apple is way too restrictive in everything which is weird because it was made by hippies.

  3. I am always going to favor a system that remains free to developers and at least in some part will remain open source.

  4. I’m surprised they even mentioned the Blackberry playbook! I wonder what the migration strategy is for some of the OS developers. Getting iPhone users to switch over to Android (and vise versa) seems almost impossible. (@devanhatfield “..made by hippies.” – that is hilarious)

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