Mobile OS Videos

For your viewing pleasure. These videos are short and sweet but content heavy on the latest trends,

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  1. In my opinion Iphone is easy to use and more organised. I like android phones because of the large number of apps they have and the apps we can built for it…

  2. I think Apple runs better (less hiccups) than Android, but Apple is way too restrictive in everything which is weird because it was made by hippies.

  3. I am always going to favor a system that remains free to developers and at least in some part will remain open source.

  4. I’m surprised they even mentioned the Blackberry playbook! I wonder what the migration strategy is for some of the OS developers. Getting iPhone users to switch over to Android (and vise versa) seems almost impossible. (@devanhatfield “..made by hippies.” – that is hilarious)

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