The Evolution of Mobile Operating Systems

The following infographic by [x]cubelabs shows the history and evolution of the mobile os through the years beginning in 1996 with Palm OS. Things did not heat up for about 10 years. Then, exploded.

evolution mobile operating systems


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  1. I remember working at Circuit City when Palm Pilots ruled this market and how I would have loved to have one. But now compared to the systems used today I can’t help but think how clunky, slow and difficult those devices were.

  2. This is interesting. I never heard of Palm OS. Can you provide a little bit more information on Palm OS?

  3. Robert Chambliss

    Is it possible that one day apple will open up its mobile os to let users create a more ‘personal’ experience for themselves?

  4. I used to have a Blackberry and the OS took some getting used to. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in their app market either.

  5. I bet Sir Timothy Berners-Lee has an android phone

  6. Thank you so much I personally like iPhone but android phones are respectable to

  7. I’m using symbian phones from atleast 10 years, it’s great OS ever made

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