About project management…..

One way to look at project management is through “Reverse Workflow”. I have studied and implemented this way of looking at project management during the past few years.

The basis is looking at the desired final outcome and planning backwards is the norm for me today. Then taking a look at the step that proceeds the outcome and planning what is needed the reach that goal and so on until you reach the beginning.

I like what others have reported on but this is the method I use.


Watching IT Industry Trends

From the SearchDataCenter.com:

Ten technology trends impacting the IT industry, jobs discusses the

VMworld 2011 Keynote Speech - Consumerization ...

VMworld 2011 Keynote Speech – Consumerization of IT (Photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page)

following ten changes upcoming. “The top-10 IT industry trends to watch over the next several years, listed by Dave Cappuccio, Gartner’s managing vice president during Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit last week, include:

1. Consumerization and the Tablet
2. The Infinite Data Center
3. Resource Management
4. Mobility and the Personal Cloud
5. Hybrid Clouds
6. Fabric Data Centers
7. IT Complexity
8. Big Data — Big Problems
9. The End of Service Desks
10. Virtual and Software-Defined Networks

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The image below shows the megatrends that will reshape the tech sector, according to a new Forrester report.

Consumerization of IT

Explaining China’s mobile app ecosystem

Posted on my main blog. Be here’s the low down on the mobile application landscape in China.


Explaining China's Mobile app ecosystem:  the potential, players, and pain points.

Explaining China‘s Mobile app ecosystem: the potential, players, and pain points.

Some topics covered:

  •  500 million smartphones that’s still improving. “90%+ of those consumers are upgrading to entry-level Android smartphones…” Developers must remember that these devices capabilities trail behind US and UE counterparts; developers must remember to optimize for this relatively low-end Android market.
  • Hundreds of app stores, but about 20 major players. Focus on only on China’s very largest app stores with the greatest distribution efforts. Arai recommends international concerns work with a third-party company with a local presence in China who understands these idiosyncrasies.
  • Many app stores means many approval and billing processes. Each store will require different QA and certification processes for each, along with vastly different revenue splits — QQ for instance takes up to 70% of an app’s revenue, while China Unicom takes 30%.

    App creators must track not only the performance of their app, but…

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One question I did not address

My friend has LG G2 and including is an app
called QuickRemote that electronic equipment. He first step in the process of the step up is turning the devices on. While in the app, the use choose the brand of the device. The device is turn off, follow the prompts and it is under your control.

Last Call

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Smartphone App-o-graphic by[x]cubeLABS shows the smartphone landscape with clarity and ease. They include all pertain information on the parent company, when launched, number of apps in the U.S., platform support, billing method and developer fees. Choked-full of statistics on downloads, revenue and the future of the mobile ecosystem is shown here:

the smartphone app-o-graphic


Market of Mobile Operating Systems Reviewed

Report from the 2013 Mobile World Congress from Barcelona, Spain about the third place position. Bits on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft and Blackberry. Others include ubuntu, tizen and jolla,

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Mobile OS Videos

For your viewing pleasure. These videos are short and sweet but content heavy on the latest trends,

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The Evolution of Mobile Operating Systems

The following infographic by [x]cubelabs shows the history and evolution of the mobile os through the years beginning in 1996 with Palm OS. Things did not heat up for about 10 years. Then, exploded.

evolution mobile operating systems


Mobile Operating Systems Explained

Mobile Operating Systems Explained


Webopedia’s “Did You Know?” articles make learning fun with useful facts and comparisons of many of the products, services and technologies you see and use every day. A very short read.

Link here.




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